Upcoming Retreats

With a range of yoga retreats taught by skilled teachers from Australia and around the world,

there are retreats to suit everyone, from seasoned yogis to those whose path has just begun

10th – 17th April 2019 

Flying Higher Retreat with Michelle Richmond

You are invited to the cradle of civilisation, to bath in the richness of the rainforest and ‘Activate the Ancient Wisdom of your Soul’ with myself and Harold “Wawabuja” Tayley.
You’re about to embark on an adventure that will change your life from the inside out. Heighten your ability to listen to everything, and embrace the interconnectedness between yourself and every living thing.”
Align with higher forces of your soul, nature and the spirit world so you can fly higher and be free.
This is a Retreat like no other to remember new depths of who you are and be uncompromising to the truth. You will be held to own your authority and support yourself and others who are standing on the edge, to truly fly free


3rd – 6th May 2019 

Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit with Jane Bevan

Rediscover the Essential You. Be nourished body, mind and spirit through calm and rejuvenating yoga practice focusing on aligning breath with movement to maximise the effectiveness of your yoga practice. Experience hatha and yin yoga sessions, wellness workshops, relaxation, mantra chanting and meditation. Enjoy the beauty of the rainforest, delicious healthy food and connecting deeply with yourself and others – sharing in another of Jane’s life affirming retreats.


16th – 19th May 2019 

Recharge and be Yourself a Good friend 

Can you relate to “ our modern busy life is far away form being spacious & do you want to be more of a friend to yourself?” Life feels cluttered with endless responsibilities and to do lists. The constant mental clutter means no space in the mind for creativity, novelty or meaningful relationships. To add this, the body often feels tide, tense and de-energized. During the weekend we will practice Yoga, pranayama, mantra singing, meditation and gain inspiring inside of Yoga philosophy. Triyoga is a Vinyasa style of yoga – it combines dynamic yoga flows in a meditative way. Prana-inspired and systematically introduced, Tri Yoga unites breath and mudra with flowing and sustained Yoga asana. Join us – practice Yoga, create space for what is meaningful for you and cultivate self-respect, self-care and self-love. Everyone welcome.


24th – 26th May 2019 

Wild Child Retreat

Join Jay, Kylie and Shay for a wild weekend of Yoga, Wellness, Nature and reconnection to our inner child. Get into your creativity and have fun by taking part in our Dream Catcher, Macrame, and Acro Yoga workshops. Receive a Tribe name, be nurtured with gentle yoga and revive, fly on your hands with power yoga and play around with our show and tell, you are sure to connect to your inner child


8th – 14th June 2019 

Awakening Peace Within: Yoga & Meditation Retreat

My favourite retreat & this will be our 4th visit …
We are fortunate again to have Swami Madhuram join us. We will be treated to his amazing knowledge and skills in “Nada Yoga” – the yoga of sound. It’s magical being in a yoga space surrounded by rainforest and inside the teacher is leading the meditation with his Bansuri flute. We will also experience Vedic chants and kirtan that heighten the resonance of peace within and around us.

Our program includes daily Yoga in Daily Life classes, guided meditation, yoga nidra, mini Nada Yoga workshops and inspiring talks. The delicious meals are included. There is ample free time to relax or explore the lush and warm tropical surrounds. A balanced, nourishing and enriching experience awaits us at this retreat!


21st – 23rd June 2019

Knoff Yoga Retreat

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to spend a whole weekend with one of the true Mothers of Yoga. Join Master Teacher Nicky Knoff in this beautiful part of Tropical North Queensland for a yoga retreat that will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and rejuvenated.
Nicky is a 4th Series Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practitioner; Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher; Certified College of India teacher with Bikram Choudhury; long-term vipassana meditator; WWII concentration camp survivor; and founder of six yoga schools in Australia, New Zealand and USA.
This retreat is limited to 20 students.

23rd – 29th June 2019

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Karyn Grenfell

Join Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher Karyn Grenfell, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Melbourne, for five days of invigorating and enlightening yoga. Explore this wonderful form of yoga through Mysore style and led practice sessions. This is a terrific opportunity to deepen your practice with afternoon workshops exploring alignment, breath, chanting and yoga philosophy. Throughout the week there will also be plenty of time available for relaxing and sightseeing. Enjoy being a part of this retreat  that is aimed to inspire a passion for the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.


30th June – 7th July 2019

Iyengar Yoga with Rosie Holland and Jyoteeka Cummings

Rosie and Jyoteeka will work together to offer seperate classes for a beginners group and a more experienced group.  Jyoteeka offers the workshop for beginners and general students and will support and guide your Yoga practice wherever it is at.  Rosie’s group will have 2 years Iyengar experience with an understanding of Headstand and Shoulderstand. This workshop would be perfect for a couple with different levels of Yoga who want to take the break together. Jyoteeka has run a Yoga School, Yoga on the Square, in Palmerston North for 14 years. During the workshop we will look at why alignment is important and how it can support your in your day to day life.  Rosie has been a yoga practitioner for 40 years and a teacher for over 30 years.  During Rosie’s classes you will have the ability to explore and experience the Asanas in a safe and supportive environment and find a rhythm for your own practice.


8th – 14th July 2019 

Escape the Winter Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Join Matt Young (Melbourne Meditation Centre) and Agnes Gonfaus (Natural Curiosity) for a full week of mindful rest and relaxation, delicious vegetarian food, gentle movement practices and meditation.The retreat provides you with a chance to get away for a week and to relax, recharge and reflect. If you’ve never been on a meditation retreat before, this is a great place to start — and if you are new to meditation and mindfulness you’ll be gently eased into the practice with simple, user-friendly techniques and expert instruction. The atmosphere will be friendly and light-hearted and the schedule allows plenty of time for rest, reading and nana-naps! For more experienced practitioners there will be talks and discussions on a variety of topics customised to your needs.You will also have the opportunity to join us on rainforest walks and in a variety of practices designed to stretch, loosen and nourish the body.


21st – 27th July 2019 

Sunshine Coast Ashtanga Yoga with Sarah Haralambous

Come experience a week of daily morning yoga and afternoon relaxation in the middle
of a rainforest, at the edge of the ocean. Daily Ashtanga Yoga with days free to explore the area, lie on the beach, book a massage and catch up with fellow Yogi’s! Followed by a few optional afternoon
Restorative Yoga practices. 


9th – 11th August 2019 

Release and Awaken Retreat

Join Aurora and Frances for a weekend of letting go what’s no longer needed and awakening your inner light. Enjoy the yin and yang combination of restorative and active classes. Embrace each morning with mediation and experience the beauty of the Forrest while practising in the Yoga Shala. Keep an eye out for cassowary and the other beautiful creatures that can be found at the Sanctuary


11th  – 16th August 2019

Into the Heart Yoga with Jayne Robertson

Retreat into the heart of the rainforest and nourish yourself through the practice of yoga. Each day we awaken our natural rhythms as we sink into the elements of the earth, water, and air; to the sounds of the natural environment and the option of greeting the rising sun with a morning meditation on the beach. Following is a physical practice of yoga that will connect you to your breath, your body and deeply to the sacred space that dwells within. Plenty of free time is available during the day to explore, relax, swim and enjoy the incredible healing energies of Sanctuary Retreat. Late afternoon we return to the studio to relax deeply with restorative yoga, fascia release or meditation. We conclude the day with the most delicious communal evening meal. Step into your heart and join us for this transformative experience.

16th – 21st August 2019

Iyengar Yoga with Jan Watson – Five Day Retreat

Extend your practice…having correct alignment ensures you don’t strain joints. Learn techniques for correct alignment.
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Inversions, Restorative and Remedial sessions. Weekend option available.


25th – 30th August 2019

International House of Reiki

Whether you practice the system of Reiki, or you are an experienced meditator seeking to deepen your practice, this course is for you. All lineages and levels, and all who currently meditate are welcome to join us as we work with sitting meditation, moving meditations, and sitting/moving meditation. The powerful experiences awakened during this retreat will not only help you to take your already existing practice to a deeper level, but also to deal with your daily life in general with more ease.


7th – 12th September 2019

Spring Retreat in Tropical North Queensland

Join Pine Rivers Yoga for 5 days of yoga and explore your horizons. Travel to the beauty of Mission Beach and enjoy a range of yoga experiences in the Rainforest setting of the Sanctuary Retreat Center. Yoga for all levels offered as morning and afternoon sessions, allowing plenty of time to explore, rest and recuperate. Meet the Cassowary who lives at the center, exceptional bird life and enjoy the rainforest’s walk from Sanctuary down to the beach.


15th – 21st September 2019

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Greg and Tracy Cooper

A wonderful opportunity to practice with the balance of tradition and an attention to detail that is characteristic of teachers from the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne. You can expect to be challenged, refreshed, encouraged and nurtured in one of the most pristine places on the planet

Open to all students with a genuine interest in bringing more depth to their practice who have completed at least our intro level 1 course or equivalent.


4th – 7th October 2019

CoreFLOW Retreat with Jen Hamilton

Join Jen as she leads you into the nourishing and uplifting atmosphere of a three day yoga retreat. This annual Yoga and Meditation weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to rest, recharge, explore deep within and share in the company of inspiring like minded people.
Jen is known for her warm and approachable style of facilitating that encourages self inquiry through curiosity, courage through vulnerability, playfulness and creativity through movement. You will leave this retreat connected, inspired, cleansed and restored.



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