Upcoming Retreats

With a range of yoga retreats taught by skilled teachers from Australia and around the world,
there are retreats to suit everyone, from seasoned yogis to those whose path has just begun.

1st – 4th May 2020

Yoga with Jane

“Take this opportunity to join me on this 3 day retreat and to reconnect with the Essential You.

Let me share with you the gifts of yoga through guiding you into a deepening awareness of the body, the breath and the mind.
Be nourished through calm and rejuvenating yoga practices, deep relaxation, mantra chanting and meditation and some art activities. Enjoy time for reflection stimulated through the discussion of some of the core philosophies of yoga. Connect with yourself and others in this peaceful environment. There will be adequate free time during the retreat to enjoy the beautiful rainforest and beach environment, to swim, walk and chill.”

I am a fully accredited IYTA teacher and YTA yoga therapist with over 20 years of teaching experience who loves creating the opportunity for students of all ages ad stages to feel inspired, revitalised and at ease.

14th – 17th May 2020

Mission Beach Yoga retreat with Dagmar Hirsch

Dagmar teacher Triyoga flows, vinyasa style yoga with awareness to posture, breath and mudras. This 4 days are to enhance energy in you body, increase the energy-flow and gain more mental clarity. Yoga, Meditation and Breathing is one for Dagmar and her retreats are always full of Yoga philosophy to understand more of yourself and how to apply yoga into your life to make it a calm, joyful loving live.

29th – 31st May 2020

Digging Deep – Being Authentic to Yourself (mens retreat)

Our society puts a lot of focus on emancipating women – but what about men?
Our daily life brings high demands on men nowadays as well or even more, but they don’t get addressed enough. Men experiencing hidden pressure throughout advertisement and social media, which create a kind of image, how men should look like, behave and act. High expectations are coming from family, partner, friends and working mates and within themselves often. Further more it’s proven that upbringing and hidden family dynamics play a far bigger role than previously thought. These hidden dynamics are commonly referred to as the Family Constellation.
Family Constellation is a therapy designed from Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and relies on the immediate processing of nonverbal experience. Find and understand yourselves on a deeper level.
This weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to look at hidden dynamics and entanglements, to bring awareness and find powerful solutions in the company of inspiring like minded people.
Step out experience a Family Constellation and tap into vitality, confidence and peace with this 2 night MENS RETREAT at Mission Beach, North Queensland.

19th – 21st June 2020

Annual Australian Knoff Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat that you’ll cherish forever, this transformative experience will help you escape the stress of your everyday life and discover the true magic of a deep yoga practice. Nicky Knoff is world renowned for her knowledge, wisdom and humour. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, these few days will change your practice forever. Nicky is joined by our ever attentive concierge Mr Owen Scotts.

21st – 26th June 2020

International House of Reiki

Whether you practice the system of Reiki, or you are an experienced meditator seeking to deepen your practice, this course is for you. All lineages and levels, and all who currently meditate are welcome to join us as we work with sitting meditation, moving meditations, and sitting/moving meditation. The powerful experiences awakened during this retreat will not only help you to take your already existing practice to a deeper level, but also to deal with your daily life in general with more ease.

5th – 11th July 2020

Escape the Winter meditation & yoga retreat

Join Matt Young (Melbourne Meditation Centre) and Agnes Gonfaus (Natural Curiosity) for a full week of mindful rest and relaxation, delicious vegetarian food, gentle movement practices and meditation. The retreat provides you with a chance to get away for a week and to relax, recharge and reflect. If you’ve never been on a meditation or yoga retreat before, this is a great place to start. The atmosphere will be friendly and light-hearted and the schedule allows plenty of time for rest, reading and sleep! The schedule includes periods of meditation and yoga practice as well as short talks and discussions on how to get the most out of meditation and mindfulness. You will also have the opportunity to join us on a rainforest walk and to enjoy the beach, pool and a variety of practices designed to stretch, loosen and nourish the body.

17th – 19th July 2020

Barre & Co Presents: Winter Warmer Retreat 2020

Warm your bod, Cool your mind

You’re invited to our debut retreat…

A long weekend designed to bring you personal growth & barre & yoga & pilates & meditation & health & nature & great food & even better company, all in pristine Tropical North Queensland.

19th – 25th July 2020

Coming home to stillness – 7 Day meditation retreat

Coming Home to Stillness was developed to bridge the gap between the harshness of traditional meditation retreats and the modern practitioner. From the fundamentals into its depths, the retreat will be systematically unravelling the mysteries and obstacles the mindfulness practitioner faces through a blend of science, humour, story and analogy to meet and placate the modern mind. Each day can be seen as experiment of self and mind with each key meditative concept given an abundance of opportunity to be experienced and embodied.

9th – 15th August 2020

Mission Beach Retreat with Gina Macauley

“This retreat will be an opportunity to relax and restore in paradise. The week will be a lovely balance of yoga, rainforest walking, beach going, massaging and exploring.

A retreat is a wonderful way to deepen your Yoga practice and this retreat will be a great opportunity to explore some of the other joys of Yoga that are only just touched upon in a class environment. You will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty and energy of the environment and the practice. It will include asana (physical postures), iRest Yoga Nidra, meditation, restorative yoga and philosophy talks.”

Gina has been practicing yoga since the late 80s and teaching since 2009. She is also a yoga therapist and a certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher.

16th – 21st August 2020

Into the heart with Jayne Robertson

Retreat into the heart of the rainforest and nourish yourself through the practice of yoga. Each day we awaken our natural rhythms as we sink into the elements of the earth, water, and air; to the sounds of the natural environment and the option of greeting the rising sun with a morning meditation on the beach. Following is a physical practice of yoga that will connect you to your breath, your body and deeply to the sacred space that dwells within. Plenty of free time is available during the day to explore, relax, swim and enjoy the incredible healing energies of Sanctuary Retreat. Late afternoon we return to the studio to relax deeply with restorative yoga, fascia release or meditation. We conclude the day with the most delicious communal evening meal. Step into your heart and join us for this transformative experience.

28th August – 1st September 2020

Vinyasa Flow Retreat with Jen Hamilton

Tap into vitality with this 4 night retreat at Mission Beach, North Queensland.

Join Jen as she leads you into the nourishing and uplifting atmosphere of a four day yoga retreat. This annual Yoga and Meditation weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to rest, recharge, explore deep within and share in the company of inspiring like minded people. Enjoy a morning juicy Vinyasa Flow practice that will awaken your body and mind and leave you feeling relaxed and strong. The evenings will be sweet and blissful Restorative/Yin Yoga and Meditation. Retreats with Jen will break you out of the same old box, revealing new territory in the body, mind and heart inspiring a dedication to living authentically, courageously and joyfully.
Jen’s playful personality, intuition and focused intelligence brings depth, clarity and vitality to her classes. You will leave this retreat connected, inspired, cleansed and restored.

Jen is 1500Hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia, and Co Director of Teacher Training.

5th – 10th September 2020

Into Spring Retreat with Pine Rivers Yoga

Join Pine Rivers Yoga for 5 days of yoga and explore your horizons. Travel to the beauty of Mission Beach and enjoy a range of yoga experiences in the Rainforest setting of the Sanctuary Retreat Center. Yoga for all levels offered as morning and afternoon sessions, allowing plenty of time to explore, rest and recuperate. Meet the Cassowary who lives at the center, exceptional bird life and enjoy the rainforest walk from Sanctuary down to the beach

12th – 17th September 2020

Yoga and Alexander Technique

This retreat offers a week of deepening your yoga practice with Alexander Technique principles embedded in classes to improve your skill and the safety of your practice. Set in the beautiful surrounds of the rainforest, Caroline Blackshaw, Yoga and Alexander teacher and Jenny Thirtle, Alexander Teacher and Teacher Trainer will be taking you on a journey of enquiry, learning and broadening of your practice.

19th – 24th September 2020

A Meditation and Yoga Retreat for the Soul

Relax, enjoy and take some time for you. Dominique Battensby (plus a group of awesome people) for this dream retreat in Far North Queensland! 4 days and 5 nights at an incredibly natural and quiet Eco Lodge. We’ll be overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Rainforest. Expect daily workshops, yoga and meditation, plus plenty of time to indulge if you like in body treatments for relax time and local adventures. Dominique’s retreats are always filled with laughter, new friendships and shared wisdom. There is a hop on bus shuttle in town available during the retreat or just search on foot hidden gems of the area – remarkable nature that’s nothing short of magic.

24th October – 1st November 2020

Surrender to the Flow

This 9 day yoga intensive promises to be joyful and challenging, with early morning starts to salute the sun while it rises from the ocean, various types of asana practices (including playful yoga sessions on the beach), chanting, moving meditation, cleansing breath work, delicious food, and plenty of time to enjoy the amazing rainforest, beach, to swim and relax.

Let’s take some time to unwind, to let go of your rules, your responsibilities, your worries.
Let’s be playful and connect to like minded people while doing the thing you love: Yoga! Try out various types of yoga (like flow, yin, acro and supported yoga), integrate yoga philosophy and mindfulness techniques such as pranayama and meditation, connect to nature, deepen your awareness and enhance your happiness and well-being. Anneriek creates a trusting and open environment to share and explore your experience. Each day typically includes: Early morning pranayama and meditation, 2 asana sessions, philosophy/theory session and other theme related activities.


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