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      • Wildlife
        The rainforest is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna.  The endangered Southern Cassowary ranges by day while in the dark the forest comes alive with creatures of the night.
      • Why Sanctuary is Unique
        Sanctuary’s unique environment and business philosophy and how it caters for guests.  The conservation agreements, treeplanting efforts and why Sanctuary has advanced eco accreditation.
      • Activities in the Area
        From relaxing beaches, walking trails and cruises to the Great Barrier Reef to adrenalin filled skydives and white-water rafting…. and much more.
      • Mission Beach
        What’s on offer and where to go in this beautiful area.
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        View images of Sanctuary, wildlife, friends..
  • Facilities
    • Accommodation
      Two types of unique accommodation are available at Sanctuary – Rainforest Huts and Deluxe Canopy Cabins.
    • In the Longhouse
      Sitting high on a hill to catch the cooling breezes and breathtaking views across the emerald forest to the Coral Sea beyond, the Longhouse provides all the necessary creature comforts of life whilst showcasing the natural beauty of its surroundings.
    • Dining at Sanctuary
      The restaurant and bar with food to tantalise the tastebuds and views to feast the eyes. See samples of our delicious ever-evolving menu.
    • In the Forest
      Walking trails connect a secluded beach to a tranquil swimming pool.
    • Retreat Centre
      A beautiful space nestled in the trees dedicated to yoga classes, retreats, massage and other natural therapies.
    • Map of Sanctuary
      See how all the aspects of retreat are located in harmony with the rainforest.
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